WALK ON TREND (WOT) is an original rebellious lifestyle brand. The first of it's kind, bringing you a unique style to a rebellious lifestyle. This is where fashion meets trend. A one of a kind brand for everything from everyday street-wear to modern sports. With each generation, youth have become increasingly more aware of the importance of individuality. Distinguishing ourselves and standing out is the fabric of our culture and the framework of our brand. We think you should always dress how you feel and be who you are. With the progression of living a wild and free lifestyle, WOT ignores the rules of fashion and offers a more edgy and defiant side to the street-wear industry. 

The infamous trend of street wear started in the 70's and 80's with the skating and surfing culture when the outside world saw them as scandalous because of their nonconforming style of clothing. The joy of the lifestyle combined with the stigma from the outside world brought them closer together. They started to share not just activities but clothing trends that made them part of the culture. WALK ON TREND is a movement that has evolved into something so much bigger than we've ever thought possible. It's turned into it's own LIFESTYLE, with heavy influences from modern art, youth culture and street fashion around the world